m!M organized a workshop “Entrepreneurship – From Idea to Success”

The NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro”, in cooperation with WEON, organized a workshop on Friday, April 20th, 2018 entitled: “Entrepreneurship – From Idea to Success”.

The workshop was opened by Aleksandra Fuštić in front of WEON, who expressed her satisfaction with the established cooperation with NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” and announced that these two organizations will have a series of joint activities in the future.

At the very beginning, participants of the workshop had the opportunity to hear the basic information about entrepreneurship from the representative of Mladiinfo Montenegro, Hajdana Tadić, as well as to hear her experience with the training that was held in Durres, Albania, where the Start Up was presented.

Milica Žugić, the president of the organization, shared her long-standing experience with the participants and helped to better understand entrepreneurship, the difference between the NGO sector and entrepreneurship, and gave concrete guidelines for further development of the idea itself. The participants of the workshop had the opportunity to inform about the ways of financing and possible sources of finance for the entrepreneurial idea. There were also words about making a business plan, product description, competition, targeting groups, and for all these areas, the participants got the best possible guidelines.

As one of the opportunities offered to young people towards the realization of their entrepreneurial idea is also the “M: tel Digital Factory”. They spoke at the workshop in front of M: tel Digital Factory, Emina Bašić, who was present on the work of the organization and invited all participants to apply for the other Start up.
“M: tel Digital Factory creates a good IT idea for the creators of the perfect conditions for establishing and developing their own business, in order to start projects and develop successful business as soon as possible. We have concrete support, a custom workplace, a cloud computing platform for development, technical support, startup program, administrative and legal advisory assistance, excellent team and networking with other entrepreneurs, “said Emina Bašić.

An entrepreneur Marko Maras with his idea of the advertisement “Seljak.me” has passed the experience in practice.
He noted that there was a very small number of those who supported him and that he often encountered a sigh and rejection. He recalled that he did not give up on his idea because as much as you believe in it, it will live so much.

Vuk Mašanović, “Phase one”, shared a rich experience in several fields. In addition to explaining the specific steps to be taken, it has directed young people to come up with ideas in a special way.
“We live in a new time that is rapidly developing and opportunities are constantly passing by us,” Vuk Mašanović noted, reminding us that it is extremely important to look around and to inspect the market and needs well and inspire on every corner.

Something that is certainly possible is a failure, and the president of the NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” Milica Zugic finished this workshop with the words: “You should not be afraid of defeat, but fight further”.

The NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro”, in cooperation with WEON, organized a workshop on Friday, April 20th, 2018 entitled: “Entrepreneurship – From Idea to Success”.

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