group photo of the participants

Mladiinfo Montenegro at the O’visor exibition in Greece

Coordinators of Mladiinfo Montenegro  participated in the photo exibition as part of the O’o’visor project that  was held in Athens, Greece from February 25  to February 28, 2022.

Before the start of the exhibition itself, IASIS, the host organization, introduced the participants to examples of good practice in Athens. They visited the boarding house for homeless people w/ mental disabilities in the city, and thus got to know the work of the organization and how their volunteers help people who need help. After that, the participants got acquainted with the work of the recycling company, FabricRepublic, which collects donations of clothes, disinfects them and sorts them by size and gender, in order to distribute them in the best way to families who need such help.

After the tour, it was time for the exhibition itself. After the photo contests that the organizations held in their countries, the best photos were featured in this exhibition. Among them were photos of the winners of the competition in Montenegro, whose theme was the solidarity of volunteers and the help of young people in crisis situations in the Western Balkans and in the EU. During the exhibition, IASIS volunteers also talked about their experience of volunteering in crisis situations.

The second day was reserved for visiting the city and getting to know Athens. We visited some major sights in Athens and had free time to hang out. At the end of the day, we had a meeting with the coordinators of the O’visor project, where we agreed on the dates for the next activities.

This project is supported by Europe for Citizens. The main coordinator is the organization BRAVO from BiH, and the project includes 10 partner organizations, among which is the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro.

When it comes to future activities, a photo exhibition is planned in Sarajevo, as well as a Karl Popper debate that will soon be organized in Montenegro, and the winning teams will compete in Sarajevo.