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Mladiinfo handed aid to the Todorovic family

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M), in cooperation with the non-governmental foundation m!M Humanost, organized a humanitarian action for the Todorović family on the plateau in front of the department store on Saturday, February 26.

After the humanitarian action, m!M volunteers handed over help to the family, which is in a state of social need.

Božana Todorović, nee Milatović, was born in Metohija (Đakovica) in 1948, and has been living in refugee buildings in the Humci settlement since 1997. After the death of her husband, about three months ago, Božana was left without any personal income, in the harsh reality of poverty and scarcity.

She lives with her son, who, she says, does physical work for a daily wage of six euros, which is not enough to survive. While the husband was alive, they paid their bills from social benefits, but now they are unable to receive the same, so they are just waiting for their electricity to be cut off.

Božana has no personal documents (they were burned during the war), nor is her name in the birth records, and therefore she cannot exercise any right to help from the Center for Social Work.

We also note that Božana is in poor health, she had a stroke, so she has difficulty speaking and moves with the help of a cane. Since she doesn’t have health insurance, she can’t even go to the doctor, but the Emergency Service comes to her when necessary.

The Todorović family thanked for the donation and hopes that a more permanent solution will be found for their problem.


members delivering aid to the Todorovic family members delivering aid to the Todorovic family