m!M at SLAM training in Italy

Representatives of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in the training organized as part of the Erasmus project “SLAM – Structured Learning for Awareness in Media”. Our representatives were in Stintino, a town on the island of Sardinia in Italy from 26.07. to 02.08.

The main organizer was the BRAVO organization from Sarajevo, and the host was the NGO Mille Vaganti from Italy. The training was attended by participants from 7 countries: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey.

The first day was reserved for the arrival of participants.

The project was presented on the second day. Participants got to know each other, presented their expectations and fears. The following were presentations of national groups, followed by teambuilding activities. At the end, a round table was organized, with the aim of discussing the presentations.

On the third day, work began. The first activity was identifying trends, prejudices and ways in which the mass media create stereotypes about migrants and refugees. In addition, participants mapped national and regional models of stereotyping migrants and refugees in the mass media. After that, they were all divided by the countries they come from, and were given the task to present national models of regulation and self-regulation of the mass media. They identified gaps, challenges and opportunities for improvement.

On the fourth day, a SWOT analysis was made on the role of young people as a catalyst for social awareness for positive changes in the mass media regarding migrants and refugees. Good practices of non-governmental organizations for the promotion of media literacy among young people were also discussed, with an emphasis on migrants and refugees.

The fifth day was free. Some visited the beautiful beach of La Pelosa and others decided to go to the neighboring town, Alghero.

On the sixth day, the Yothpass certificate and competencies were presented. Participants were divided and each group was given one competency, with the task of presenting how they improved it during the training. At the end of the day, an intercultural evening was organized, where participants presented their countries and cultures.

On the seventh day, and the last before departure, the Erasmus + program was presented and what it offers through KA1, KA2 and KA3 projects.