m!M at the conference „Strengthened women as the key to national development“

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended an online conference through the Zoom application “Strengthened women as a key to national development”, which was organized on the occasion of the official presentation of the project Empower me (osnazi.me). The project aims to empower young women from the north of Montenegro.
In the introductory part of the conference, the moderator Marija Djokovic greeted the participants who recognized the importance and continuously support the initiative of empowering young women in the north of Montenegro, namely: Danijela Vujosevic – Directorate for Youth at the Ministry of Sports and Youth of Montenegro, Jelena Bozovic – Secretariat for Youth-Berane and Nikola Tripkovic – Coca-Cola.
Milena Akovic first spoke in front of the osnazi.me project.
“The national project osnazi.me was initiated by the Youth club of Berane under the patronage of the Coca-Cola Foundation and with the institutional support of the Ministry of Sports and Youth of the Republic of Montenegro, as well as the municipalities of Berane, Pljevlja, Mojkovac, Plav and Bijelo Polje. On this occasion, I really want to thank them for their support and we look forward to continuing our cooperation through various other projects”, said Akovic.
In her address, Akovic presented the very goal of the project.
“The goal of the project is to encourage and motivate young women aged 17-25 to be more proactive in looking for a job and certainly creating new job opportunities. All this is achieved through various forms of non-formal education, participation in various educational seminars, volunteer and internship programs to bring them closer to the future employer and their needs. We want to empower all girls and young women with the necessary knowledge and skills that will help them in their further careers, but certainly by supporting their personal affinities because that is what is most important”, said Akovic.

In her presentation, Jelena Bozovic from the Secretariat for Youth from Berane referred to the funds allocated for women’s entrepreneurship, but also to a handful of good ideas from future entrepreneurs.

“This year, the municipality of Berane has allocated 10 000 € for the development of women’s entrepreneurship, which, if it proves to be a good model and I believe it will, will be a good basis for increasing these funds from year to year. I believe that there is a lot of room for cooperation and that young women will be empowered to apply for this money and receive support through this project. The call for the distribution of these funds is delayed due to the situation in the country, but I expect it soon. When it comes to women’s entrepreneurship, I am sure that it is quite colorful and that there are a lot of good ideas, some of which have already started, but so far they have not been empowered to form and get their rightful place on the market”, concluded Bozovic.

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