Public discussion on the Decision on formation of the Youth council of the capital was held

The President of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, Milica Zugic, attended the Public Debate on the adoption of the Decision on the formation of the Youth council of the capital, which was held on June the 30th 2020. in the Municipal building.

The decision establishes the Youth council of the capital as an expert advisory body in order to encourage and improve the development of youth policy, determines its rights and duties, number, composition, conditions, manner of electing members of the Council and other issues relevant to its work.
The president of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, Milica Zugic, suggested that the number of council members should be increased so that NGOs would have two representatives instead of one. She also said that the Decree on the election of NGO representatives to the working bodies of state administration bodies and the conduct of public discussion in the preparation of laws and strategies on how to elect NGO representatives in working bodies and participation in public discussion should be checked to determine whether the decision is in accordance with that legal act, because it is required that the representative of the NGO has at least three supports. She also pointed out that the mandate of a member of the council should end if he or she ceases to fulfill the conditions prescribed by the decision, it means if he becomes a public official, a member of a political party and similar.
The representatives of the capital heard the suggestions and will decide on winning or rejecting them by the end of the Public Debate.

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