Trening Voco

m!M at the final training of the BY LEAP project

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro participated in the third and final training for capacity building in the field of youth employment and entrepreneurship development within the BY LEAP project on “fundraising”, organized by the Student Business Center at the Hotel Voco – Podgorica, November 14-15.

Lecturers on this topic were: Coordinator of business management and entrepreneurship studies at the Faculty of International Economics, Finance and Business Marko Nišavić and Director General of the Directorate for Investment, Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and Management of EU Funds Radosav Babić.

After the arrival and registration of participants, the first day was opened with introductory words by Nikola Mićunović, MA from the Student Business Center, as well as the presentation of lecturers Marko Nišavić and Radosav Babić.

At the beginning, all participants who were present at the training introduced themselves.

The lecturers instructed us on basic characteristics and the meaning of fundraising.

“Fundraising is not just the collection of financial aid, but fundraising is related to other areas of giving and collecting”, said Marko Nišavić, while Radosav Babić told us a little more about his biography and specifically defined what “fundraising” means.

“Fundraising is also networking between organizations, through which the collective profit of company is created,” said Radosav Babić.

Fundraising is the raising of funds that includes defining the necessary funds, identifying potential donors, communicating with the donor, preparing relevant documentation and negotiating funds.

They also talked about project writing and the experiences of those participants who had the opportunity to work on the realization and writing of projects.

On the second day of the training, the trainers formed four groups of 5-6 participants each whose task was to create an idea for an application that would apply for a project. There were very creative ideas with different content and purpose. The groups were differently conceived in accordance with the previous experiences of the participants. During the day, participants were based their work on the ideas and implementation of applications based on the areas given to them. Along with the ideas of the applications, the participants had to present all that through a presentation, which they presented on the third day of the training.

On the third day of the training, four groups presented their applications and gave more details to the participants about the content and goals of their application. The presentations were commented by coaches Marko Nišavić and Radosav Babić, who had extremely positive comments.

After the discussion about the presented applications, the participants were handed certificates by Radosav Babić and Marko Nišavić.

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