international day of tolerance

m!M marked the International Day of Tolerance

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro marked the International Day of Tolerance, November 16.

Tolerance is a term from the field of society, culture or religion that refers to the collective and individual practice of acceptance and cooperation with people who are not of the same faith, do not think in the same way, have a different political position or differ on some other basis.

Our volunteers expressed their views on tolerance.

“Tolerance is the acceptance and respect of other people’s views/opinions, which is impossible to achieve without empathy, humanity and great understanding”, said Monika Mitrić.

“For me, tolerance is understanding and accepting diversity”, said Šabotic Lejla.

“Tolerance is a quality of generous people who, by respecting and doing good to others who are different, get even better”, said Amina Škrijelj.

“Tolerance is openness to accept differences and see the world beyond ourselves, with different eyes”, said Anđela Vučetić.

Tolerance involves a conscious decision to act nonviolently or with restraint. It is also based on the religious teachings of all dominant religions, but also on state laws that establish the right to different opinions and not to endanger the individual.

Nemanja Vorotović said: “For me, tolerance is an extremely good agreement with people who are in some way different from us, e.g. skin color, political views, religion…with tolerance we overcome all these differences for the sake of good cooperation “.

“Tolerance for me is an emotional maturity that is reflected in respect and acceptance of diversity as the beauty and richness of human existence”, said Sara Kovačević.

Zlatica Nakić pointed out: “Being tolerant means respecting other people’s opinions and decisions. Through tolerance we make the world a better place, accept diversity and learn from it.”

“For me, tolerance is accepting and respecting others”, said Ksenija Musić.

“For me, tolerance is the acceptance of people, their characteristics and even decisions and mistakes, regardless of differences”, said Anja Bulajić.

In 1996, the United Nations General Assembly called on member states to establish the International Day of Tolerance in accordance with the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance signed by the members on November 16 1995.

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