m!M at the online training “MIL policies are our policies”

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the online training “MIL policies are our policies” through the Zoom application, organized by the Center for the development of youth activism.

Participants in the training were organizations from Montenegro: Bona Fide, Civic Alliance, School of Rhetoric and Monitoring Mogul group.

The training was an opportunity to present the MIL project and learn the tools of MIL policy with which they will introduce their members.

MIL network is committed to information, adequate and correct way of informing. In addition to providing information to young people, they also teach young people how to read the media in a simple way.

As part of the EU-funded project “Building Media Confidence in Southeast Europe and Turkey – Phase 2”, UNESCO has partnered with the Center for the Development of Youth Activism to create a network of youth organizations in the region and empower them to integrate MIL issues into their day-to-day operations.

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