m!M at the seminar on the topic: “Leadership of the new age – leadership communication”

A representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended a seminar on the topic: “Leadership of the new age – leadership communication”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro in cooperation with the Secretariat for Entrepreneurship of the City of Podgorica.

The lecturer was Ivana Malovic, Master of International Economics, business coach and business consultant, who gained knowledge and experience in well-known multinational companies. She founded the company IDFaktor with the desire to motivate, initiate and support employees, teams and companies to expand their professional horizons and achieve success. She is a certified consultant, professional and NLP trainer according to the methodology of the European Coaching Association (ECA).

The participants of the seminar were greeted on behalf of the organizers by Dr. Mladen Perazic, Director of the Sector for Education and Quality of the Chamber of Commerce and Mirjana Perovic, Head of the Sector for Entrepreneurship and Agriculture in the Secretariat for Entrepreneurship of the Capital.

“Quality leadership is a mark of any successful organization. It is very important that the person entrusted with the role of leading people really fully understands what this role means and what is required of them in practice. If your actions inspire others to work harder and become something more, you are a leader”, Perazic pointed out.

Master Ivana Malovic presented to the participants the process of developing leaders in different circumstances, then who is the leader of the new age, what leadership habits and skills it is desirable to develop in order to improve themselves.

The leader of the new age is a man of strong character traits, who has a vision, who has a broad education and who is ready to share knowledge, move people around him, be an example to himself and the team and “pull” the team by first showing them the way and pointing solution possibilities. In the way how something is done and not what is done”, Malovic pointed out.

According to her, the leader with his attitude, will, calmness, intelligence, psychological approach, flexibility approaches each individual differently in order to motivate the employee to make an additional contribution to the common goal of the company.

Leadership is as old as the Earth. Only styles change to adapt to the circumstances. Circumstances are changing and the leader who shows by example that he is adaptable in a healthy way to strive for transformational leadership, he will progress, reports the lecturer of the words of fellow experts in this field. Elements of transformational leadership are charisma, sensitivity, high morale, reaching full potential.

Leadership communication was also discussed at the seminar.

“The leader first communicates with his eyes and listens well, communicates and asks questions in an appropriate way. The leader has a set of questions that are deeply etched in his driving mindset. He is affirmatively oriented towards the team, and the questions are precise, psychological, which open and move the interlocutor to change and to action. The leader always asks open questions, in order to motivate the employees to think”, said Ivana Malovic.

After the theoretical part of the seminar, practical examples and tools were presented, as well as a series of simple interactive exercises for adapting to circumstances and developing leadership skills.

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