m!M at the training course in the Czech Republic

Representatives of the Mladiinfo Montenegro NGO participate at the training course named “Train The Trainers” held from 16 September to 22 September 2018 in the Czech Republic.

The topic of the course was experiential learning, and the goal was to inform and train participants to apply the acquired knowledge in their youth work.

Just like in the majority of the training courses, the first and last day is reserved for arrival and departure, meeting and farewell of the participants, and so it was in this one. Days were full of interesting, exciting and educational activities and workshops. Some of the most interesting activities were games such as Masterchef competition, where participants were divided into groups, and as a team, they made effort to gather as much the needed groceries as possible that were hung over trees in the nearby wood in order to make their competitive specialties later on the hearth.  In the game where participants were divided into two groups – humanitarian workers, and non-governmental organizations “Save water” and “Hmwonda” tribe, workers were tasked to convince the wild tribe to help them provide the water flow by making a water channel with joint efforts through which indeed ran water after a certain time.


One afternoon, organizers thought up even 11 different games also played by students in groups. Blinded and barefoot, they walked in the wood, following the cord as a guideline, then extreme climbing, forest golf, making talisman etc. the following days, there were games like making a ship by which the participants got to the other side of the lake, then the “chemical attack”, in the evening hours, teams of five blinded people and one leader were supposed to find a safe shelter in the forest, and many other interesting games participants delighted in, and learned how to create a team through game, what is the role that fits them in the team, teamwork, creativity, writing projects, they found the inspiration, and some of them future colleagues. After every game, everyone is together, or within their group, depending on the game participants did the reflection with their mentors, where everyone had the opportunity to highlight their opinion, understanding, impressions, and to listen to other participants and to get the point of the game. The festive intercultural night was organized, where participants had the opportunity to meet other cultures, people, try the food, and get more familiar with other participants, but to present their own country as well, and teach them the national dance (kolo). During these five days of the course, participants have gone through a cycle of experiential learning, including the concrete experience, making conclusions and planning.

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