Testimonial: Ivana Pavicevic

As one of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro representatives, Ivana Pavicevic participated in the training course named “Train The Trainers” held in Choterbor, the Czech Republic on September 16-22, 2018.

“I had the opportunity to be a representative of the Mladiinfo Montenegro on the training in the Czech Republic in Chotebor near Prague. At this training, participants from other countries including Macedonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia were also gathered.
The main objective of the training was to develop teaching skills. As participants, we obtained information and practical experience with informal and formal education, facilitating learning and other methods that would be useful in working with young people and adults in informal institutions. My experience was unforgettable, just because we combined the educational part of the course and socializing with other participants. The full training passed through games and various educational workshops. The introduction began on the first day where we had games through which we got to know each other even better. Activities were mainly organized outside. The place where we were located was inspirational for a variety of games and activities. I would single out some of the most interesting tasks: Creating the talisman, in tipi-ju, walking with eyes closed in the forest, climbing, zip line, making the ship from natural materials, etc. All activities were done in groups. After all the games we had to go through the exchange of experiences, experience certain things and everything that was related to a specific task, through these talks, we got to know each other. The project was more than interesting and very useful for future work with young people. In this training, I met new people and made new friends. The specialization of the English language was inevitable because all the communication was in English. On the fourth day, we had an intercultural evening where we met with the cultures of other countries through food, music, and dancing. The evening was full of numerous activities and tasks. I must mention that I was in this training with two other representatives from Montenegro Nikoleta Peric and Katarina Carapic with whom I spent memorable days in the training in Chotebor, but we also had the chance to visit the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.

They also contributed to the complete impression from this trip for which I can say was more than successful and productive. I would recommend everyone to use the opportunity provided by the organization Mladiinfo because the experience and knowledge one gains in the training, courses, seminars, outside the borders of Montenegro, in a new environment and with people from other countries cannot be learned in formal education. “

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