m!M attended the Athletics Federation conference

The representative of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro attended the conference on the occasion of the 27th Podgorica Marathon, organized by the Athletics Federation and the Racing Club.

The president of the association Gojko Banjevic, the president of the organizing committee Milorad Batkovic, the two-time Olympic winner Sladjana Perunovic, the general secretary Milan Madzgalj and the representative of Meridian Bet Lucija Andjelic spoke at the conference.

The 27th Podgorica Marathon will be held on Sunday, November 1, 2020. The venue of the competition is Crnogorskih serdara boulevard.

The president of the association, Gojko Banjevic said: ”The 27th Podgorica Marathon won’t have the same splendor and mass as in previous years due to adherence to National Coordination Body’s measures, but we made an effort to successfully end the season with this competition”.

Competitors will have to run a 1000-meter-long circular track measured by the ASCG commission for issuing road track certificates.

The president of the organizing committee, Milorad Batkovic added that the members of the board of the association worked hard to make the season of juniors and seniors go in the best order, even though it was very difficult under such circumstances.

The two-time Olympic winner, Sladjana Perunovic, also addressed the conference, adding that she was honored to represent Montenegro at this competition and that she would do her best to live up to expectations this time as well.

The competition will be divided into groups: recreational athletes, registered athletes by Athletic Clubs, juniors, seniors and participants and the absolute placement in men and women in the 5000, 1000m in the half marathon and marathon.

Prizes will be awarded to participants in all disciplines, ie. trophies, medals and diplomas of ASCG for I, II and III place.

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