m!M organized an online workshop on the occasion of World Internet Day 2020

The non-governmental organization Mladiinfo Montenegro organized an online workshop on the occasion of the World Internet Day on October 29 at 11.00h via the Zoom application.

The topic of the workshop was: “Positive and negative sides of the Internet”.

The presentation was led by Monika Mitric, while at the beginning we had the opportunity to see off Mladjen Goranovic, who directed us to general information about the Internet.

“The Internet is a global system of networked computer networks that has transformed the way communication systems work. The beginnings of the Internet are connected to the creation of ARPANET, in 1969, a computer network under the control of the US Department of Defense. Today, the Internet connects billions of computers around the world. The Internet is a product of a combination of computer media and telecommunications”, Mladjen Goranovic pointed out.

In this online workshop, participants listed several interesting things about the Internet, such as discussing adding Internet addiction to the list of mental illnesses; then it is estimated that over 260 billion emails are sent worldwide each day; the first video on Youtube was posted on April 23, 2005 under the title “Me at the Zoo”.

In order to interact with other participants, Monika asked several questions about the Internet, primarily what is considered to be the positive or negative sides of it.

This was followed by an interesting quiz about the Internet where all participants showed solid knowledge.

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