m!M celebrated International Volunteer Day

Carrying out the volunteer action, this year NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro marked another International Volunteer Day on December 5, 2017 at shopping mall Delta City.


Volunteer service members gave their best to mark this Day in the most creative way. The activity was conducted from 3pm to 8pm, when the volunteers walked all over the mall in their organization’s t-shirts and took pictures with the visitors using the “instagram frame”. Having a lot of laughter, entertainment and fun, they informed Delta visitors about volunteering.

m!M celebrated International Volunteer Day


The citizens were more than interested and willing to take pictures and over hundred of them approached to our booth where they had the opportunity to get the information about our volunteer service and our field of work.

“Volunteerism is still not developed enough in Montenegro but it is being developed. The number of young people who understand its importance and are involved in existing or established non-governmental organizations has been increasing. With volunteerism, youngsters are given the possibility to learn, socialize, and entertain themselves. It is an opportunity for personal and professional development which gives young people the opportunity to travel, improve their language, get to know other countries and cultures, and – most important – the opportunity for social responsibility, i.e. the contribution to the community”, said Milica Zugic – the president of the organization.

The aim of the campaign was to present to the general public and promote the concept of volunteerism, as well as to express gratitude to all volunteers who are actively involved in everyday activities, thus creating a better society and improving the world we live in.

“Volunteers have the opportunity to gain new experiences, knowledge and skills and to make new friendships and contacts, as well as to take advantage of the opportunity of professional and personal development. Our volunteer service has 30 volunteers who act within three volunteer teams. We organized this event with the aim to promote volunteerism and raise the awareness among young people about the benefits of the volunteer work”, said the co-ordinator of the m!M volunteer service Nikoleta Peric.

The activity was realized by a dozen volunteers, while the whole campaign preparation process had lasted for a week at the premises of the organization where the entire team was involved.

On December 5, the UN General Assembly declared International Volunteer Day as a reminder on the day the UN Program was created in 1970. The European Commission declared 2011 as the year of volunteerism with the aim of increasing this kind of work and raising awareness of its value.

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