m!M gives the gift tickets

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) and City Theater Podgorica are giving the five tickets for the play “The Magic Stone” („Čarobni kamen”) and five tickets for the play “Blue Treasure” („Modro blago”).


The City Theater Podgorica is giving away five tickets for the play “The Magical Stone” and five tickets for the play “Blue Treasure” to the m!M web site followers.

If you want to participate in the prize contest, all you need to do is to post on your wall the m!M video that can be found on YouTube channel mladiinfomne at:

Then, you need to take a screenshot of the wall with the posted video and email the image at: The email should contain “free tickets” in the subject, and the title of the play within the content of the message.

The tickets for the chosen play will be given to the first five m!M web site followers who have the largest number of likes below the posted m!M video.

The puppet show “Magic Stone” directed by Davor Dragojević will be performed at the Dodest Hall on Sunday, December 10, at noon. This story, with the plot taking place in the Montenegrin hills, is about one of the greatest human values – friendship.

Another play titled “Blue Treasure” will be performed at the Great Hall of the KIC “Budo Tomovic” on December 16 and 17, starting at 12:00pm. Based on Dusan Kostic’s novel, the text for the play is written and dramatized by Stevan Koprivica.

This is an exciting story of a treasure search that takes place in the 1960s in Herceg Novi. Led by a legend, a group of teenagers are in search for treasure that is located somewhere in a hidden place in the town. At the same time, a Nazi expedition is also in their own search for the very same treasure. Their searches are crossing and children, becoming the witnesses of something dangerous, come to the existential danger.

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