m!M celebrates the Day of fight against violence on women

A group of dozen volunteers of NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro“ celebrated this day in their own specific manner, on 21. December 2018 in Delta City shopping mall in Podgorica.

They have performed a skit named „Do not tolerate violoence – report it. Volunteers of this organization have showed how looks like some of the ways of violence which can be seen, unforunately, almost every single day. This performance attracted many people who were passing by and some of people who are working in the shops inside shopping mall.

At the end of the skit, volunteers have sent a very important message named „Do not tolerate violence – report it“ with hope that people will see  how big problem is violence against women and that we  are dealing  with it every day in our society, therefore as soon as possible it has to be stopped and reported. After the skit some of volunteers have stayed behind previously made stands to share with people informations about NGO „Mladiinfo Montenegro“.

Last research shows that every second woman in Montenegro was a victiom of some type of violence, at least once in a liftime. In last twelwe months every fifth women was a victim of sexual, physical, psychological or enomomic violence. This data is just an endorsment to a young people to support, strive and participate in programs for fight against violence over women.

International day of fight against violence over woman have been procalimed 25. November on a first meeting held in Bogota in 1981 organized by feminists of Latin America and Caribbean (Feminist Encuentro). At the meeting they discussed about family violence, sexual violence and raping, also about violence on a political level like torture and  violence over political prisoners. 25. November have been proclaimed in honor of Mirabel sisters (Patria, Minevra and Maria Teresa) who were brutally killed by a dictator Rafael Trujillo in Dominican Republic in 1960. In 1999 UN officially confirmed this date with resolution 54/134  as a International Day of fight against violence over women.

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