m!M employs two personal assistants

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro as part of the Public Works, which is supported through a public competition of the Employment Agency of Montenegro, offers the possibility of recruiting two personal assistants.


social inclusion, social care for children and youth


Two people from the unemployed register will be involved through this public work as a help and support to persons with disabilities with whom our organization cooperates. These are individuals who have physical and mostly combined developmental disorders. The work of personal assistants will be to provide assistance and support to people with disabilities, most of all in performing work tasks. They will also practice Montenegrin and English with them, help them translate, perform administrative tasks, but also during actions that our organization implements. At the very beginning, assistants will receive training in how to work, act and communicate with people with disabilities, and the training will be in charge of the coordinator of public work, who will also monitor their work. Assistants will be hired in our office in Podgorica, and their engagement will be 40 hours weekly. Work engagement is based on six months, full-time and organizing work in two shifts. The ability of the employer will be verified.


In order to be eligible to apply, you need to have a basic knowledge of English and computer work, to be between 18 and 35 years of age. You also need to have at least a completed IV degree of education, to have a certificate from the Employment Office that you are on their records.


You can send interested CVs to e-mail:




The public works program of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro will be implemented for a period of six months. The main objectives of the program are: Raising awareness of the needs and opportunities of people with disabilities, hiring people belonging to harder occupancy categories, raising the skills and knowledge of persons from more difficult occupational categories and facilitating the functioning of persons with disabilities.


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