m!M held a workshop “Through Entrepreneurship to Independence”

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, in cooperation with M:tel digital factory, held a workshop on entrepreneurship on July 5, 2018 under the title “Through Entrepreneurship to Independence”. This workshop is part of the project “Social entrepreneurship-Take step forward”, which is being implemented in cooperation with the Center for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship from Sarajevo.


The attendees had the opportunity to hear how to get ideas for business, how to shape their ideas, how to start a business independently and choose entrepreneurship as their direction.

The workshop was addressed by the President of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro Milica Žugić, and guest lecturer Aimilia Peppa, Master of Science in International Business and Management.

Guest lecturer Aimilia Peppa arrives from Greece, she has mastered ALBA Business School in Athens and gained her knowledge in project management, international marketing, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, international business, economics and financial management analysis. She is currently employed at Hellenic Petroleum in Aspropyrgos, Greece, and is working as an office officer for the inspection department.

She shared her knowledge on social entrepreneurship, innovations, business plans, examples of practice from her country, ways to find finance for business, and she also compared ways and amounts of finances taken from European funds in Greece and Montenegro.

The participants had the opportunity to enrich and improve their English language skills as the working language of the workshop was English.

During the workshop participants also had a working part in which they were divided into four teams with the task of designing and working on the business idea with the assistance of a coordinator. One of the basic things besides the business idea itself was how to define the mission, mantra and values ​​of the business idea and future work.

Through the presentation of business ideas, the interpreters felt how is it to fight for their ideas, because at the same time there was a small democratic vote for the best interpreted ideas.

A guest lecturer, in a very accessible and interesting way, brought the participants closer to the process of developing ideas from beginning to end, the difficulties encountered by all business beginners, showed in figures how many successful and how many unsuccessful ideas are there and what actually decides whether an idea would be successful and grow into a business.

Through the examples of good practice, she brought the participants closer to how many good ideas are all around us and how they should only be able to observe, listen, and of course learn.

For all those who were interested in further training the guest lecturer gave excellent guidelines and recommendations for start up schools in Greece that offer a unique way of learning through mentoring and support of successful entrepreneurs.

After the workshop, between participants could be heard comments on new business ideas and new power to develop the same.

This workshop was definitely a wind at the back of young people who were present.

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