M!M Held Workshop at Book Fair in Podgorica

As part of the 12th edition of the Podgorica’s Book and Education Fair, on May 8, NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro held a workshop titled “How to Write a Good Resume (CV)”.

The workshop was intended to help all interested individuals learn how to write a quality resume. Around 15 high school students were present. The workshop was held by the president of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, Milica Žugić. “Curriculum Vitae is a Latin phrase, curriculum meaning course, and vitae meaning life, altogether carrying the meaning of “the course of my life”. A CV is an official, written form of personal promotion”, said Žugić. She explained that a CV needs to be short, simple, and concise. Participants had the opportunity to learn ways which will make them stand out, as in, how a CV should look like and which information it should include. They also received practical advice on how to write a good CV. The workshop included Europass, which is the European form of CV-writing, as well as analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential risks. The youth learned how to pinpoint the skills which they possess, and which they need to work on and how.

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