M!M Received Thank You Certificate at Book Fair

The 12th edition of the Podgorica’s Book and Education Fair took place from May 2 to 9, 2017. This year, the organizers awarded recognition certificates to all who contributed to the organization of the fair. The judges were head judge PhD Siniša Jelušić, as well as PhD Slavica Perović and academically trained painter Marina Vešović. The following organizations received special recognition for contribution in the organization of the fair: Mladiinfo Montenegro for invaluable organizational help, because their volunteers contributed to the success of the event throughout its duration; Laguna Beograd for contribution to the content of the cutural program of this year’s fair; Center for Contemporary Art for Dado Đurić’s thematic exhibit; Finedart for the organizational aid in particular, but also for reliable coverage of all key events. “Službeni glasnik” Belgrade was recognized for publishing production and best publisher, while the award for publishing venture was given to Ljiljana Zeković, Art Museum, National Museum of Montenegro. Institute for textbooks and teaching aids from Podgorica received an award for best edition, while the Creative Center Belgrade, Edition “Školice”, received an award for advancement of child publishing. The award for best assembled artistic edition was given to the “Slobodan Kojić – Sculpture“ monograph. “Treasure” by the National library of Montenegro Đurđe Crnojević received an award for best assembled edition. “Treasure of the National Library” is one of the most important books from the collection “Old and Rare Book”. Certificate for best assembled book: Duklja prince St. Vladimir National Museum of Montenegro, Foundation St. Peter of Cetinje and the French language and Culture in Montenegro from 1830 to 1914, and Foundation Petrović Njegoš. The Romanian stand received a certificate for best assembled stand, because of its visually appealing national wear, as well as the stand of the National library of Montenegro Đurđe Crnojević, which featured the oldest 170-year-old edition of “The Mountain Wreath”. Certificates for best stand were also awarded to the stands of University of Mediterranean, Jumedia mont, and Institute for textbooks and teaching aids. Publisher CID Podgorica received special recognition for education improvement for its educational library of Contemporary culture: contemporary German, Italian, American, Latin American culture. The same certificate was received by Montenegrin Cultural Studies, publisher FDU, University of Montenegro. Successful project results of the Faculty of Drama Montenegro, titled “Artistic and media production in creation of the Montenegrin cultural identity”, supported by the Ministry of Science and Ministry of Culture, was awarded as a pioneering theoretical publication in this field. Kindergarten Maša, High School of Economics Mirko Vešović, Gymnasium May 25 in Tuzi, Secondary Art School Petar Lubarda Cetinje, Secondary Electrotechnical School Vaso Aligrudić, Secondary Chemical School Spasoje Raspopović, Slobodan Škerović Gymnasium, Medical High School, High School Sergije Stanić, Secondary School for Geodesy and Civil Engineering Ing. Marko Radević, and Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering Ivan Uskoković all received recognition for advancement of the educational process.


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