m!M marked the National Day of Fight against Tobacco Smoke

On the occasion of the National Day Against Tobacco Smoke volunteers, NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M) held an educational workshop in the elementary school “Pavle Rovinski” in Podgorica.


Students of the ninth grade presented the organization and held a lecture on the harmful effects of smoking and how to leave cigarettes. We also showed them three short films about the devastating effects of tobacco smoke on health. We also conducted a survey with 23 present students who showed that 26% of them had tried cigarettes, and 43% of those polled did not know the negative effects of smoking. As the main reason they tried cigarettes, they said they did it on the comrade’s words and out of curiosity.

The purpose of the workshop was to raise the awareness of young people about tobacco as one of the leading causes of death in the world. We told them that tobacco kills one third to half of those who consume it. What is also important is that smoke indirectly inhabited, so-called passive smoking, can cause cancer, in most cases lungs, and often deadly, acute and chronic heart disease and stroke in humans.

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