Svjetski dan borbe protiv dijabetesa

m!M marked World Diabetes Day

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro marked the World Diabetes Day, November 14th.

A video with basic information and characteristics of diabetes was published on the Youtube and instagram profile of the organization.

Diabetes is a condition of chronic hyperglycemia (elevated blood sugar level) that leads to the development of chronic complications in multiple organ systems, which significantly reduces the quality of life, as well as the life expectancy of patients.

The symptoms of the disease are numerous but the most common symptoms are:
– Increased urination
– Increased thirst
– Weight loss
– Due to improper utilization of glucose in the cells, the patient may feel hungry, although eating heavily still loses weight
– Weakness and fatigue

There are a number of different types of diabetes:
– Type 1 diabetes
– Type 2 diabetes
– Other specific forms of diabetes
– Gestational diabetes

More than 90% of patients have type 2 diabetes. The largest number of people with type 2 diabetes is between the ages of 40 and 59, although it has recently become more common in younger people. Type 2 diabetes has a strictly genetic predisposition and is strongly influenced by environmental factors.

Therapy includes diet therapy, which involves determining the total energy intake, the ratio of energy substances and meal schedules. It adapts to each patient individually, and generally adapts to the therapeutic regimen the patient is on.

A very important segment of treatment is the introduction of continuous planned physical activity. The general recommendations are to exercise three times and the recommended types of activities: walking, running, swimming, cycling. It is recommended to consume mild herbal and fruit teas daily (mint, chamomile, rosehip, sage) while green and black tea are great for people with diabetes.

Important notes for diabetes:

  1. Diabetes treatment is a complex process involving a team of doctors, starting with endocrinologists, nutritionists, neurologists, ophthalmologists, psychologists and doctors of other specialties.
  2. Only by regular controls and achieving the target values of glycoregulation, it is possible to prevent the development of chronic complications.
  3. In type 2 diabetes, the best results are achieved by detecting the disease in the phase when it occurs in a subclinical form, then by reducing body weight and physical activity, the disease can be stopped.

According to research, cigarettes can cause an increase in blood sugar levels, especially if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day.

You can watch the complete video on our youtube channel via link:

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