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m!M marks the World Chocolate Day in Nikšić

The NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro will mark the Chocolate Day on July 7, 2020 with an activity in Nikšić. Our volunteers have prepared various chocolate treats in order to adequately mark this sweet day. At our stand on Freedom Square from 5 pm to 9pm, in addition to chocolate muffins and other cakes, there will be some healthy treats prepared by future entrepreneur Vesna Francišković, who is a participant in our workshops on entrepreneurship within the project “Through Business to Equality” which funded by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights.

All over the world, July 7 is Chocolate Day, which celebrates the arrival of chocolate in Europe back in 1550. This day is very significant because a billion people eat chocolate every day. Interestingly, chocolate is the only edible food that melts at a temperature slightly lower than the human body temperature and that is why it melts in the mouth.

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