m!M media sponsors TEDx conference

NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” is a media sponsor of the fourth TEDxPodgorica annual conference that will be held on April 11 2020, in KIC “Budo Tomovic”.

It has been confirmed that 12 domestic and regional speakers will attend the conference, with their names soon to be announced. Every one of them is active in the field of social changes in Montenegro and the Balkans. The main goal of the conference is to present their ideas to the community, as well as to prove that there exist individuals who fight for a better future.

The first speaker at the TEDx Podgorica conference will be Igor Majer, the first Montenegrin to successfully accomplish Ironman triathlon and the only one to accomplish both extreme and double Ironman. He has organized many international sports competitions that bring together thousands of athletes from all over the world in Montenegro-Ocean Lava Montenegro, Blacklake Xtreme Triathlon Montenegro, X-Waters Montenegro, Montenegro Business Run, Luštica Bay Aquathlon.

The second speaker is Maja Memić, brand and business consultant, social media manager and blogger. Despite many health crisis she has gone through-two spine surgeries, pulmonary embolism, thromboses and antiphospholipid syndrom, or “sticky blood syndrome”, she still succeeds in her endeavors. The third speaker is Andrija Dabanović, the founder and director of the regional stand-up festival “Opuč”, taking place in Podgorica. Since 2016, he has performed as a stand-up comedian throughout Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has participated in many regional festivals, of which the last one took place in Belgrade’s Kombank hall. He also performed in English, at the European Comedy Festival, in Budapest. Other than that, he wrote the script for the sitcom series “Out of range”, in which he played the main role. The broadcast was purchased by RTCG, the Montenegrin national news agency.

For further information in regard to TEDx conference, go to our website www.mladiinfo.me.

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