NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” at the What You Give is What You Get seminar in Tirana

The representatives of the NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” attended What you give is what you get seminar on interpersonal development and social impact through participation of young people in local and international volunteering projects, in Tirana.

The NGO QENDRA IMPAKT, with the support of ERASMUS+ Programme, organized a seminar on interpersonal development and social impact of volunteerism. The seminar brought together representatives of NGOs whose focus was on development of young people from Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Kosovo, Turkey and Ukraine.
The main topic of the seminar was a capacity development of young work force and its perception of market needs and the need for social competence and skills development through volunteering projects on local and international level. The project focused on partnership development and mobility between ten Western Balkan organizations. Capacity development actions included research of the youth activism, participation and volunteerism on local and international level and defining the needs of young people so that they could make a positive impact on society. The mobility should be based on informal educational methods, with the aim to create attractive environment for participants, making space for their active engagement.
The seminar was run by two skilled facilitators, who presented informal planning methods for work groups, debates, discussions, presentations, story making, etc.

The seminar also included topics such as inclusion and volunteerism, youth participation, state perspectives, the role of each organization in encouraging young people to volunteer. The participants had a chance to meet each other and exchange their experiences.

Due to corona virus epidemics, the seminar was disrupted. However, the organizers explored options to reschedule it once the crisis was over.

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