m!M organized a humanitarian action “Verses for Natalija”

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro in cooperation with the web portal “Mladi Niksića” and the literary club “Poenta poetika” from the public institution Zahumlje organized a humanitarian action “Verses for Natalija”, which gathered famous poets from Nikšić, but also young people who recited their and verses of world poets.

The humanitarian action was dedicated to Natalija Ljumović from Podgorica. Natalija is a girl who is one year old and who does not have the swallowing and sucking reflex. She takes food exclusively on a tube through her nose, which she is already trying to remove because it bothers her. In order to improve her condition, adequate medicines from Macedonia are needed.

The program of the humanitarian action was led by Jovana Delibašić from the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, while Matija Stević recorded this evening with a camera.

The evening was opened by Anđela Tomić with the song “Malo mi za sriću triba” with the support of Marko Lazović on guitar. The evening was completed by the famous Montenegrin poet Gordana Sarić, a great humanist, writer, professor of the French language, an active member of numerous clubs and associations. Slavka Božović, who is a member of several domestic and local literary associations and whose poetry has been translated into several foreign languages, also honored the event with her presence. Anđela Backović, Nikolina Todorović, Tijana Draganić, Jelena Jovanović, Aleksandra Papović, Đurđina Baletić, Marija Draganić, Isidora Jaramaz, Jovo Radović, Bogdan Maksimović and Danilo Maksimović from the literary club “Poneta Poetika” took part in the action. Volunteers from Mladiinfo Montenegro, Jelena Mijušković, Tijana Marković, Jelena Uskoković and Nina Čović also recited. The youngest participant in this event was nine-year-old Natasa Rutešić, who prepared a song by Dragan Radulović ” Ja ne volim da sam sam” (I don’t like being alone). The famous artist Miloš Kecojević also recited his verses, while the humanitarian evening was completed by Radojka Draganić, Janko Kankaraš, Slobodan Kisić, Jelena Šućur, Marija Blečić and Teodora Ilić.

We thank the public institution Zahumlje and the literary club “Poenta Poetika” who helped us with this event.


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