m!M organized H!ke Montenegro

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro organised “H!ke Montenegro” within the project “Media for Citizens Story Lab”, on 7.7.2023. in Niksic.

The first activity was a tourist visit to the municipality of Niksic accompanied by the tourist guide of the Niksic Tourist Organization, Miljan Mijuskovic. The visit began with a tour of the Bedem Fortress as an important historical stronghold and the core of Niksic. The walk continued to the Cathedral Church of St. Vasilij Ostroski, the museum of King Nikola I Petrović Njegos and the medieval stećak.

After visiting the city and learning about its culture and history, the participants had a formal reception with the  President of the Niksic Municipal Assembly, Mr. Nemanja Vukovic.

The President of the Assembly welcomed those present, expressing his satisfaction with the organized activity. He spoke about his team’s engagement in solving social issues, about the inclusion of the RE population as well as the importance of media freedom. He pointed out that citizens are increasingly trusting TV Niksic and that there is a greater consumption of online media than traditional media.

After the opening speech, a Q&A session opened, where questions were asked about the transparency of national and private broadcasters, freedom of speech in the media, sources of funding for broadcasters, as well as the inclusion of marginalized groups.

The following activity was organised in the premises of The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) Tehnopolis. The participants had the opportunity to visit the most important rooms where scientific research and innovative creations are encouraged every day. They got acquainted with the activities of Technopolis and saw how the machines for 3d printing and for various analyzes function.

By visiting the premises of the Association for Aid to Persons with Disabilities in Psychophysical Development (UZDP), project participants were given the opportunity to meet employees who are also parents of persons with psychophysical disabilities, as well as their daily work and the challenges they face.

The last activity of H!ke Montenegro was realized through a visit to the Center for Security, Sociological and Criminological Research “Defendology”. Emphasis was placed on the challenges faced by members of the RE population, the problem of begging and the marginalization of the most vulnerable citizens. Thanks to the mediator, a visit to Roma families and direct communication with members of the RE population was made possible.

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro hosted participants from partner organizations from Lithuania, Belgium and Austria as part of this activity.