m!M on H!ke in Vilnius

The representative of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M), from 02-04.05.2023. participated in the “Media for Citizens Story Lab” project held in Vilnius, Lithuania. The activity was called “Hi!ke! – Share Your Idea: Create a Change”.

The project started with a visit to the Parliament of Lithuania, where the participants had the opportunity to learn more about the political history of Lithuania, as well as the importance of the media’s role in the period of war and occupation. Lithuanian politicians, Morgana Daniele and Monika Ošmianskiene discussed with the project participants the importance of the media in the period of political crises, as well as freedom of speech. There was also talk about the necessity of greater involvement of young people in the sphere of media and civic activism.

After visiting the Parliament, the walk continued to the National Library. After visiting the institution itself, the participants learned about the history of the National Library, which at one time changed its primary function in the life of Lithuanians. During revolutions and political turmoil, it was a safe haven for citizens as well as an improvised hospital wing.

The daily walk and socializing ended in the premises of the National Television and Radio. The tour of the institution itself began with a curator’s tour through the improvised museum of telecommunications devices. After that, the participants had the opportunity to see how content is created for the radio and television program of the national service. The tour of the institution ended with a visit to the former national service building that was occupied by the Soviets in the past. One of the employees shared her memories related to the period of occupation, as a citizen and as an activist who fought for media freedom in then besieged Lithuania.

The final ceremony was held in the former church that belonged to the old prison. Today it is the central place of all cultural events. The conference was attended mostly by Lithuanian journalists and activists. During the discussion, the importance of freedom of thought and expression, the impartiality of the media and the incentives for youth activism were discussed.