m!M representatives in the UK taught about intercultural dialogue

Daniel, Ivan and Seusan took part in the Erasmus plus NGO “Intercultural Dialogue Through Creative Writing” in front of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m!M). The training was held in Birmingham, Great Britain, from March 1st to 9th.

During nine days, participants had the opportunity to adopt and improve creative writing techniques. In addition, they had various tasks such as free writing, representation of themselves, organizations and states from which they came, writing poetry using images from various magazines, etc. They had the opportunity to visit Birmingham, get to know the local people, get to know their culture and customs. During the training, they met and came closer with participants from other countries, as well as improved English language skills.

The aim of the training was to teach young people how to use creative writing as a method to combat prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination.

“We shared personal experiences with other participants and taught each other. We have had the opportunity to improve in the field of communication in different languages, solving problems and working in teams, and to learn more about the Erasmus + program, “the participants from Montenegro said.

They added that training went on quickly through learning, having fun, creating friendships, getting to know cultures and traditions. They returned full of impressions, with new experiences and skills.

“For that reason, we want to urge young people in Montenegro to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the organization Mladiinfo Montenegro and apply for training courses when they are given a chance to remove certain barriers that exist among the countries, and at the same time improve their personal skills” , said Daniel, Ivan and Seusan.

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