m!M and Mensa are organizing a voluntary donation campaign

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro in cooperation with Mensa organizes voluntary blood donation campaign on the occasion of its seventh birthday, March 30, 2018. which will be held at the Blood Transfusion Institute.

As part of traditional birthday activities, in order to promote voluntary giving and motivate others, and especially young people to decide for themselves on this humane gesture, we invite you to join the action that will start at 9 am.

All donors will be given a free Mensa Intelligence testing as a gift.

Thanks to transfusion of blood and blood derivatives, millions of lives are saved each year.

We use our birthday as a motive for promoting and raising awareness about the need for regular voluntary blood donation in order to achieve quality, safe and accessible blood and blood derivatives for all patients who need it.

We note that voluntary blood supply improves circulation and heart function and the bone marrow of the donor is stimulated to produce new blood cells. Studies have shown that blood donors have a lower level of iron in their blood, as well as the risk of getting cancer, primarily cancer of the liver, lungs, colon and throat.

Voluntary blood donation is not just a human gesture to help others. It’s a good way to help yourself, join us.

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