m!M signed the agreement with ZZZCG

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro signed the agreement with the Institute for employment on the implementation of public works. Our organization will employ 10 persons from the record of the unepmloyed through the following projects: “Mladiinfo.me service for opportunities for the youth” and “Mladi Nikšića”.

In total 529 unemplyed persons got a job from the record of ZZZCG through public works “Care of the elderly”, “Personal Assistant” and other programs, and the director of the Institute Suljo Mustafić signed the agreements on April 22, 2019 with with 98 contractors. He stated that 60% from the group of the less employable had got the chance to work: those who seek employment longer than 12 months, disabled persons, members of the Roma and Egyptian population, or persons older than the age of 50.

“With the decision of the Administrative Board of the Institute 680 thousand euros have been given to these programs”, precized Mustafić.

In the following days we will publish tenders for vacancies within these two projects at www.mladiinfo.me

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