m!M successfully implements the “Youth in Action”

On the occasion of the international day of humanitarian actions, NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro implements the  “Youth in action” on 8 October 2018.

The implemented action is only a part of activities within planned events for October prepared by the volunteering service m!M. Around 30 volunteers made pancakes, cooked coffee, and collected money a family in Konik. They also gathered toys, books, footwear and clothes that are also going to be given to socially vulnerable families in agreement with the Food Bank. The goal of the humanitarian action was to encourage young people that life consists of small, but valuable things we can share together that make a whole. The healthy society we live in, and whose burden of everyday life we can share together was the cause of the implementation of this activity.

Collected money will come in hand to Bogojevic Selveta, a single mother, whose husband died a year ago, and lives as a subtenant in Konik, Podgorica with her daughter Sara born in 2007. Sara is in fifth grade of the elementary school. They live from social assistance, and they have not prepared for the winter. Collected money will come in hand to pay their arrearage for the housing, and electricity bills. The action was supported by the capital, that paid funds on the account of the organization, and which will also be given to Mrs. Selveta along with the collected money.

Hereby, we thank our citizens, who showed their humanity, and the Volunteering service of the organization, who contributed to the implementation of the activity.

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