m!M visits NGO Adria

Within the project Moving ideas forward: guidance to successful youth organizations, Mladiinfo Montenegro visited NGO Adria on 16 October in Bar.


NGO Adria is one of the long-term and the most active non-governmental organizations in Bar concerned with giving support to adults with psychophysical disabilities. Within NGO Adria, Living room for disabled persons has operated since 2004. It is located in MZ Polje in Tabija, where they got a room optimal for six to ten users. Financing people working with those persons is also necessary. It is important to take care of persons with difficult and moderate disabilities one on one, or at the most one on three, while regarding persons with easier disabilities, it is enough to have one educator for four, or six of them, said the NGO Adria president Marta Adnjelic. “Due to the fact that they cannot represent themselves, they are frequently dependent on the parental, or custodial care, and they have to use their choices. This is why we fight for those persons to speak up their wishes and needs according to their possibilities, and to participate in activities they are capable of, creating in our organization”. Apart from the current state and position of disabled persons, the former work of the organization was presented as well as the activities they carried out, and future actions were discussed.

Young journalists and activists from the following organizations, who are also partners on the project: European dialogue from the Czech Republic, European Youth Press from Germany, Café Babel international association from France, Ung Media from Sweden, Manana Youth Educational Cultural Centre from Armenia, Bue Fixe, Portugal, Youth news agency, Bosnia, Scambieuropei, Italy and Centre for informational support of public initiatives “The third sector”, Belarus, and representatives of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro.

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