m!M volunteer attended the training course in Romania

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro volunteer Emin Temalj attended the Erasmus+ sponsored training course “All the World’s a Stage” in Busteni, Romania. The event gathered over 34 attendants from 28 nations. 

Training course comprised of several different workshops in which attendants had opportunity to develop new competences in video design and production of theatrical plays. In the course of the visit to Peleș Castle in Sinaia, they were able to learn about the history of Romania during the reign of Michael I. Afterwards, they paid visit to the famous Bran Castle of count Vlad Tepes known as Dracula, after which they proceeded to one of the beautiful Romanian cities, Brasov.

Key topics of the project were: discrimination, racism, ethnic differences and minorities. Methodology employed had the purpose of removing all barriers facing the world today. Workshop titled “Albatross Culture” marked the first day and demonstrated tangible results in overcoming stereotypes about other cultures, customs and helped improve group dynamics in the project. Followed various psychological games such as “Name Games” and “Secret Friend” that fulfilled the goal of improving productivity and making attendants more familiar with the methodology employed.

An important moment in the project was the “Fish Market” presentation during which the attendants had the opportunity to discuss their future projects, establish connections and cooperation with other NGOs and communities from around the region and world, in order to showcase their proposal to other attending parties.

The last day of the project, which comprised of the final evaluation, was utilized for demonstrating the final result of efforts invested during the project. After nine days of work, attendants succeeded in realizing plays, short films and displaying them at the local theater for visiting audiences.
Our representative and m!M volunteer Emin Temalj was cast in the film “The Goodfather” – which explores the topic of family violence as well as the obstacles in overcoming this problem. Short video report of the event is available at the link bellow

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