Testimonial: Kristina Pavicevic

Volunteer of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro (m! M) Kristina Pavicevic participated in training (training course – TC) entitled “Instruments for Social Development – Part Two”, which was held from the first to the eighth of December 2017 in Vrnjacka Banja within the Erasmus + program. 

With the desire to share her experience, Pavicevic spoke on her impressions:
“The training was held in Vrnjacka Banja, Central Serbia – in a place with a rich culture and history. The experience I gained in training prompted me to deal with and think about many things. The training was educational; knowledge was passed with ease, systematic and highly concentrated, which enabled everyone the adoption of all substances regardless of the level of the previous knowledge. The workshops were tailored to everyone – both for those who were professionally engaged in dancing, acting or working with young people with disabilities and recreation and those who had no previous experience. With the help of professionals, I had the opportunity to learn many things and to hear the experiences of social inclusion of persons with disabilities. This was a unique opportunity to meet new people and establish new contacts. I am grateful to the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, which has enabled me to be a part of this wonderful experience. My special gratitude to the president Milica Žugić and Elma Selmanović who believed in me and gave me this extraordinary opportunity, as well as coaches Vesna and Milena. If I again had the chance to be part of such training I would accept without hesitation. ”


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