NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro celebrated the International Women’s Day

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro celebrated International Women’s Day, 8th of March in Podgorica. Members of the fair sex, in cooperation with the florists ‘Flower Corner “and garden center’ ‘Kali’, donated the roses, as well as messages of support.

Traditionally and this year we visited the Women’s Safe House and handed roses and messages of support to residents of the NGO .Members of our organization have tried to point out, and this year the attention of women from the women’s Safe house.

Inspired by all that is woman, our NGO has made an effort to find the most beautiful messages that will encourage the fairer sex, and indicate that you always have the support, especially when word about the problems of domestic violence and general violence against women.

The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of the need to create conditions and opportunities for females, the same as for men.

We are witnessing that violence against women has increased in the world, the unequal treatment of the sexes, greater representation of men in the institutions of the world, therefore the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro this year is devoted full attention to same.

International Women’s Day or colloquially, March 8th (Eighth March), dedicated to women and is celebrated every year on the same date. As International Women’s Day, March eighth, was adopted in 1917, although the first National Woman’s Day was celebrated on February 28th in 1909 in the USA. This day originated as a day of struggle for economic, political and social equality of women and men. Switzerland was the last country in Europe to introduce the right to vote to women (1972).

United Nations since 1975 declared the International Year of women officially began to mark International Women’s Day. In the meantime they have brought out institutions such as maternity leave, the restriction of women’s work in the third (night) shift, equal pay for equal work, the right to vote and many others.

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