Oykos Development Hub programming course in Kolasin presented

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro presented Oykos Development Hub programming course on January 22, 2020, in Kolasin.

The training will last from 6 to 12 weeks depending on the type of course chosen. It will be held three times a week in the evening, for 2 hours or more, and will also include working from home on special tasks. Regular attendance is very important in this training because it is designed to be as concise as possible, as time efficient as possible, and yet to be comprehensive and sufficient to enter the business. After each class, students will have homework, which must also be completed on a regular basis for the program to have effect. The help of professors and consultants will be available in every way except during final testing.

Passing the final exam brings a diploma with the assessment of the essential parameters, which will serve the student as the best recommendation for the future employer. Oykos Development’s top trainees will be offered internships and employment at their or one of the partner companies. This course will teach you all about the JavaScript technology that has revolutionized software development. Using this programming language and its advanced tools, you can create phenomenal sites, SPA web applications, admin panels, server API endpoints, and database communication. Using React and React Native, you’ll learn how to build mobile apps for Android and iOS with one codebase. In addition to JavaScript, candidates will learn HTML and CSS as well as their modern applications in the Web, NodeJS, MySQL and MongoDB databases. In addition to coding itself, there are tools that facilitate many processes in the business: Git, Webpack, Babel, ExpoCLI, Jira, Jenkins, etc. The course will include three courses of varying scope and complexity. At the Blue Course, candidates will have the opportunity to learn how a modern web site, JavaScript language, programming basics, HTML, CSS, etc., various web site content and visual identities will be created by participants. The cost of the Blue Course is 240 euros. While at the Red Course, candidates will have the opportunity to learn about the latest tools used for all businesses, for software development, with ES7, React, React Native and Expo CLI. Candidates will have the opportunity, after this course, to set up and write the scalable code yourself, the price is 480 euros. In Black Course, trainees will learn Webpack, Babel, Gulp, NodeJS. Oykos Development Hub will share with the participants some best practices and tricks to help you write the best quality codes, and the course price is €670, it was said at the course workshop.

The participants who were introduced to the course were high school students, students and young people who wanted to learn about programming.

All who apply through our organization Mladiinfo Montenegro to the email: kontakt@mladiinfo.me will receive a 10% discount on all courses offered by Oykos Development Hub.

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