Press conference on “Public Invitation for Incentive Measures of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism”

Press conference on “Public Invitation for Incentive Measures of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism” The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism organized a press conference to announce a public call for incentive measures in tourism in Montenegro and its strengthening towards a tourist destination. The press conference was held in the premises of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, on June 19, 2019, starting at 12 o’clock.

The State Secretary for relations with the Turm, Damir Davidović, Nikola Ražnatović, Director of the Directorate for Monitoring and Development of Events, Director of the National Tourism Organization, Željka Radak Kukavičić and Ćazim Hodžić, Director General of the Directorate for Tourism Development and Tourist Destination, spoke at the conference.

The first word was Damir Davidović, who presented the results through the figures on an annual basis from 2014 to 2019 and emphasized the progress made by Montenegro as a tourist destination. He emphasized that it is very important to invest more in tourism aspects, cultural heritage, gastronomy, prosperity in general. He stressed that he organized various manifestations, and in the season and before the season, as well as investment in all tourist centers in Montenegro, especially emphasized the north of Montenegro, as this is all of crucial importance for the tourist traffic of Montenegro, which is the largest in July and August.

After him, Nikola Raznatovic, who spoke about incentive measures, related to improvement of tourist offer, marketing activities, raising the tourist season, increasing the occupancy rate of occupancy capacities and increasing employment, spoke. The funds for this program amount to 550,000 Euros, the Ministries of which 350,000 euros are from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and 250,000 euros by the National Tourism Organization.

After him, Zeljka Radak Kukavicic spoke, who thanked everyone for her presence, and stressed that the role of the media is very important, given that a public call will be called. Kukavicic said that we are witnessing that year after year Montenegro has recorded growth in tourism, primarily revenue growth, which is attributed to the quality of accommodation capacities, the quality of tourist offer and new products, the availability and promotion of Montenegro and the positioning on the tourist map. By creating new and specific products, which will be characteristic even outside the tourist season, it is precisely with this that the doors of Western and Northern Europe are opened and the road to the goal of Montenegro becoming an all year tourist destination opens, said Kukavičić. At the end, she said that 80% of tourist traffic comes from 10 markets and that this area is very large and that the set of proposed measures is aimed at extending the season, diversifying the market, increasing spending per day and ultimately revenue growth.

At the very end of the conference, the word was given by Ćazim Hodžić, who spoke about measures related to Jawing tourism, manifestations, promotions of Montenegrin kunje and Montenegrin products.

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