Representatives of m!M attended training “United Against Violence”

Young Roma in the project “United against violence against women” organized the training in the period from 13th to 15th February at the hotel “Palas“ in Petrovac. Training on monitoring and reporting on Conventions dealing with the protection of women from violence was also attended by non-governmental organizations are members of the Coalition, “Women’s rights”, “Center for Roma initiatives”, “Montenegrin Women’s lobby” Women network “First”, “Young Roma” and NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro”.


The training was attended by 19 participants and trainers were Maja Raičević and Fana Delija. Participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the project and obtain important information for women who come from the Roma community and the issues that affect their rights. This was the word of the contractual children’s marriages; he was talking about Fana Delija. She pointed out that in our country there is no clear legal framework agreed definition of child marriage, and it is therefore difficult to prosecute such cases. Featured are data on how often happens manipulation with the professionals of the Center for Social Work when it comes to this topic. Poverty and tradition are the causes of this phenomenon, but in order to further the empowerment of women to solve this problem highlighted guidelines for the institutions in the case of arranged marriages of children, referring to the existing law.


He then discussed the discrimination of women which is discussed in theory, and then gives examples of discrimination against women through examples of organizations that have been recorded in their practice. At the session identifying gender-based violence trainer Fana Delija the participants presented the concepts of sex and gender, gender stereotypes and through practical exercises with the participation of the participants spoke about gender inequality. The exercise is aimed at participants themselves realize the difference between these two concepts and roles in society take on the basis of belonging to one of them.


After that lecture continued Maja Raičević, who spoke about the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, pointing out examples from his many years of practice and work with women as victims of violence. The first was presented in the evaluation report of the expert body GREVIO for Montenegro, and the key findings and recommendations made by the group of international experts submitted our country. There was also talk about the United Nations Convention on the Prohibition of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the material on the general framework of the Convention, the types of discrimination covered by this Convention.

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