m!M held the workshop on volunteerism and Erasmus+

NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro held a two-hour workshop on volunteerism and Erasmus+ program in February 2019. The workshop was held in the Economic High School in Podgorica.

Participants had a chance to get to know the work of the organization itself and to hear some of the activities conducted in the previous years. We discussed the volunteerism. The guidelines were given to those who want to become volunteers, how to use their free time in the best way possible, and to pick the organization it suits them best.

In the second part of the organization, we discussed the Erasmus+ program. Most of the participants heard of the program, so this informative workshop filled their previous knowledge. We also mentioned EVS, opportunities offered to the youth, and where they can get such information the easiest way. Due to the demonstrated enthusiasm, we organized the quiz named “Once, Erasmus, always Erasmus” where participants were divided into five groups and answered ten questions referring to the Erasmus program. The best team was given presents from the organization. For the end, Vuk Lakovic, the volunteer who was on one of the programs in Germany and Aleksandra Vojinovic, the participant of the program in Greece spoke on their experiences with the volunteerism and participation in Erasmus+ program.


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