Responsibility of reporting each case of child abuse

It is the professional and moral duty of doctors to report every case of child abuse. This was said by the Deputy Minister of Health, Mevlida Gusinjac, at the conference of the Guidelines for the treatment of health care providers in order to protect children from abuse and neglect.
She said that examinations of children at schools can be very important in identifying cases of neglect or abuse.
The Head of the World Health Organization office in Montenegro, Mina Brajovic, said that next year they will keep providing technical support to strengthen the teams of selected doctors and centers in the health centers… She pointed out that Montenegro is the first country in the world to develop national guidelines, following the global one from WHO. Brajovic reminded an earlier survey in Montenegro that found that two-thirds of respondents confirmed they had been victims of neglect and abuse during childhood.
She emphasized that these phenomena affect the neurological development of children, cognitive functions and the adoption of harmful lifestyles, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, promiscuity and also that these children achieve less success in school… It affects neurological development, cognitive function and the adoption of harmful lifestyles, inadequate nutrition, smoking, alcohol, promiscuity, it is just a vestibule of chronic diseases. These children achieve less success in school.

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