The state and the economy to joint solutions

The digital transformation process is not only a service, but a serious economic area in which the state and the economy need to jointly find solutions in order to get the state in the fastest possible way to the contemporary business trends, estimated from the Association of Managers of Montenegro (AMM).

The AMM President, Budimir Raickovic, said at a digital transformation business conference called DigitalON that Montenegro has both challenges and opportunities in the digital process.
“The challenges are how to create a good strategy, a good regulatory framework, to gain confidence in this process and build infrastructure and chances are that we can connect with contemporary business trends in the fastest possible way” Raickovic said at the meeting organized by the AMM Digital Transformation Committee.
According to him, the digital transformation process is not only a service or a support but a serious industry beside tourism, energy and agriculture.
“We, who do not have too much industrial capacity in Montenegro, should definitely think and give young people a chance to support them in all these projects and to be part of the global community,” Raickovic added. He believes that the most important thing in this process is the partnership between state and economy, as well as finding solution together.
‘’A significant support was given by entire State Administration of the Ministry of Public Administration and Science, the Directorate of Human Resources, and Directorate of Tax and Customs, and huge number of companies’’, said Raickovic. According to his words this meeting actually is the first Montenegrin digital summit according to number, response, involvement and synergy that has been reached.
The Minister of Public Administration, Suzana Pribilovic, said she was pleased to accept the invitation so that the Ministry can be an official friend of the event, recognizing the importance and role of the AMM and its importance for the economy and community, as well as the efforts being made within the Digital Transformation Committee to develop the digital society in Montenegro.

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