RYCO realized training for enhancing capacities

A representative of the Mladiinfo Montenegro organization attended a four-year training realized by the Regional Youth Cooperation Organization (RYCO) for enhancing capacities in preparation and implementation of intercultural projects of mobility, cooperation, and activism of the youth in the Western Balkans, for high school and NGO representatives from Montenegro. The training was held in Podgorica from 4 to 7 November 2018.


The goal of the training was raising the level of knowledge and capacities of high schools and non-governmental organizations to prepare project proposals independently and successfully, along with respecting principles of the inclusive participation of the youth. The director of the RYCO office Edin Koljenovic opened the training in Montenegro. “This training is based on our strategic plan. Last year, we worked on the elaboration of the strategic RYCO plan, which has been adopted in July this year. One of the goals is giving funds for grants. We ill work on enhancing capacities of interested parties, who may work on the implementation of projects towards the development of the youth”, said Koljenovic. In front of the OSCE mission, as one of the partners of the RYCO office in Montenegro,  seminar participants were greeted by Ivana Vujovic, councilor for the programs of democratization of OSCE in Montenegro.


“The partnership between the Mission and RYCO has existed since the establishment of RYCO, and our support can be seen in many aspects, including the creation of capacities. This is important for OSCE, and we strongly believe that RYCO is the key process for this region with the aim of conciliation, including the youth. This is very important for the future of the youth because that is their chance to exchange possibilities with the neighbors RYCO offers them”, Vujovic pointed out. The training was led by Aleksandra Gligorovic and Ajsa Hadzibegovic. Through the training, participants have gained the theoretical basis, and a chance to work practically and independently in small groups on developing the elements universal in project apps, ranging from explaining the validity of the idea to set goals and activities to forming a realistic budget and contemplating relations with the public. Besides, participants got to know the concepts of intercultural learning, conciliation, youth participation, and social inclusion as well as possibilities for seeking partnership in the region. The training also encompassed enhancing capacities of high schools and non-governmental organizations when it comes to the implementation of intercultural programs of the youth exchange.

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