Testimonial: Katarina Cetkovic

Katarina Cetkovic participated in a summer camp of sports and healthy lifestyles in Prcanj organized by the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro during the period of non-governmental organizations Mladiinfo Montenegro in the period from 22 to 26 July 2017.

“For me, this represented a good camp and a unique opportunity to meet new people and to try their sports disciplines. The place where we were is located along the coast and away from the city noise so that the stay in such a place represented the right way to rest and recharge my batteries for the challenges ahead of me in the near future. Friendly hosts, good food and the landscape that surrounds our accommodation for me were one great enthusiasm. Most important of all is that in the camp I met new people with whom I spent my spare time and took part in all the activities. Because of all this, I thank Mladiinfo Montenegro, without whom all this would not be possible. Thanks to its presidents Milica Žugić and Elma Selmanović that are in the best possible way made sure that every moment spent in Prcanj would remain memorable. I am grateful to my dear friends: Dalida Rastoder, Osmajlić Bozo, Lazar Dragojevic, Bozidar Mijanović, and Drasko and Milos Mrkac who made this camp memorable. We owe great gratitude for a wonderful stay at the camp to coaches: Bozo Osmajlic, Milos Perovic, Zoran and Mirijana that showed us how it is possible to enjoy yoga. As I have already mentioned this is a unique opportunity for young people to try different sports and they might thus discover a sport that attracts them and they might want to play it professionally or just recreationally and to gain new friends.

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