M!M Team at TSD Sport Camp in Poland

Seven members of our organization were participants of the TSD Sports Camp, which took place in the town of Tršćanka in Poland from 27 June till 5 July 2017.

During this youth exchange, designed for creative and entrepreneurial youth, participants had the opportunity to discuss and learn about volunteerism, to talk about the chalanges facing the European Union, and to participate in intercultural learning and sport activities. During the eight days of the project, 35 young people had the opportunity to exchange experiences and to gain new knowledge about youth opportunities within the Erasmus + program. Young people from Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Portugal and Montenegro participated in the project. Together with the rest of the participants in the project, representatives of MIM have been involved in the creation of conceptual solutions and actions with an emphasis on volunteering in the local community. Through interactive workshops, the participants worked together to raise awareness of the problems faced by young people, people with disabilities and children. All parties designed their own workshops and prepared different energizers and games. Also, each participating country had the opportunity to present their culture, traditional food, games and music during an intercultural evening. The project included various simulations, self-assessment tests, team activities and presentations. All activities were based on the process of sharing and learning. However, it should not be forgotten that this was a sports camp where participants had the opportunity to play football, basketball, tennis and other popular sports disciplines. The main event was the Aquatlon which consisted of 500 meters of swimming and 5 km of running. Our representatives, Bozo Osmajlić, Aleksandar Cvijović and Marija Boljević had achieved respectable results. Also, the rest of our volunteers contributed greatly to the organization of this event. The project was held in Tršćancima, a small town near Poznań, and it included numerous field trips so that the participants could relax and come up with new ideas for the project. Participants also had the opportunity to visit the sights of Poznan, to talk with the president of the municipality of Tscanka, to attend educational and interesting lectures of people successfull in their jobs, to enjoy parties and barbecues.


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