Workshop named „Youth and Media“ held in hotel „Podgorica“

Workshop named „Youth and Media“ held in hotel „Podgorica“ on 20. February, under the patronage of „Western Balkans Democracy Initiative“. Participants of this workshop were representatives of high school of economy „Mirko Vešović“, representatives of gimnasyum „Slobodan Škerović“, representatives of media and organizations who are dealing with issues of young people, one of them was NGO „Mladiinfo Montenego“.

All participants had the opportunity to express their own postures when it comes to media and influence on young people, but also to present what their institution is doing with young people and meanings of informing.

Program coordinator, Aleksandra Vujisić, introduced agenda to participants. During this very interesting workshop participants had the opportunity to bring out their oppinions on how media influence young people and society as a whole. By working in groups participants could decide which media is more relevant for young people, social media or traditional media. All of them coordinated that social media are available to everyone in every moment, but from the other side, social media do not have one on one communication, which was the main weaknes, according  to participants.

Workshop was also dealing with media literacy, theme which generated various postures and reactions of participants, but the general conclusion was that the main issue of this society is lack of self confidence of young people.

At the end of the workshop, there was a discussion on a theme how to enhance media literacy in Montenegro and how to give opportunity to young people to express their attitudes and oppinions.

„It is necessary to be caucious with the informations from social or traditional media“  phrase which was the conclusion of the workshop.


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