Branko in Katowice

Experience-Branko Stešević

From July 4 to 10, 2022, I had the opportunity to participate in a youth exchange thanks to NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro.

In the polish city Katowice, I participated in a workshop “Strong together- across the border”, where together with other participants from Montenegro, I had an opportunity to represent our country and our concept of leaders for new society. Our joint work and getting to know participants from other countries made this workshop productive and interesting.

Representing our country to our foreign colleagues is a great responsibility and honor and that that why we made an effort to present Montenegro in the best possible way.

I think we have successfully completed this task and many of our colleagues have expressed their desire to visit Montenegro.

Another topic we discussed is what kind of leaders we needs for a better future. We tried to make workshops interesting and participants from other countries shared their experiences which made it interesting and informative.

At the end of the workshop we received a strong applause and the organizers expressed their gratitude, which was a proof of job well done.

I think this activity was very useful for me and made  me more persistent in pursuing my  goals.

We had a free time to explore Katowice. It’s  a small town but have many interesting activities to offer. We made many memories from this town and project. Our team stayed two days in Katowice.

I’m grateful to NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro for giving me the opportunity to participate in this project and I hope to be able to participate in more similar projects.