Miljan in Krakow

Experience: Miljan Petrović

My name is Miljan Petrović and I am a third-year student at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica. I found out about this project through a Viber group where representatives of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro posted about competition. I applied, and a few days after the deadline I received information that I was selected to participate.

Since I had no previous experience with this kind of projects and exchange programs, I can say that I simply did not know what to expect. I went out of pure curiosity and desire to travel, and I came back with more knowledge, experience and new friends than I could have imagined.

How did everything go? There were 6 of us participants from Montenegro, and none of us knew each other from before. However, this was not a problem for us to organize our departure 2 days before the start of the project itself, so that we would have time to get to know each other well and visit Krakow, one of the most beautiful cities in Poland.

The project itself began on July 4, at the Skaut Hotel in Katowice, where we were accommodated with participants from other countries. These were the representatives of Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania. Our team was the team that “broke the ice”, so to speak, since we just held the first workshop, on the topic “Leaders for a new society”. In the following days, we had the opportunity to actively participate in other, very interesting workshops in which we learned a lot in a fun way. Also, we became very close with the participants from other countries, so we spent a lot of time together outside of the workshops. We visited the famous “Śląski” stadium, the nearby shooting range, went out at night, went shopping and many other activities…

All things considered, I can say that this was definitely an unforgettable experience for which I am very grateful. I feel very motivated to continue and take part in similar projects in the future.