m! M at an info session on the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs

The Association for Democratic Prosperity – Wall (ADP – Wall) organized an info session on the Erasmus Program for Young Entrepreneurs in the EU Info Center on May 8, 2019

At the beginning of the info session, Sanda Rakocevic, ADP – Zid Executive Director, addressed the audience, who expressed her gratitude for participating in the info session. She emphasized above all that the term young people is not related to young people but is related to young people in entrepreneurship, which gives a unique note to this program, because the target group of the program are young people and seniors and all those who are young in entrepreneurship. She added that this program provides something indispensable, which is a life and work experience in the field in which you want to develop your own private business, with a mentor who serves you to share all your knowledge and experience in the field. On the one hand you get a wonderful experience and all the knowledge, and on the other hand you get the support of the person who passed what future entrepreneurs should pass, Rakocevic pointed out. The program is intended for everyone, the costs of the programs are covered in the amount dependent on the EU countries, because the amounts range from 750.00 euros to 1.100.00 euros, Rakocevic continued. At the end of her presentation, Rakocevic added that the essence of the program is cooperation with a mentor, whom the candidate chooses independently and at his own discretion, with professional assistance.

After Rakocevic, the word was Dijana Krkotic, owner of the tourist agency “Doclea Travel”, which is a program beneficiary and she shared her experience with the audience. She said she learned about the program via social networks and that she got all the information in ADP – Wall and that after the research she decided to try to sell her product to Italy. She explained how she began and how she applied for the first time, that there is an IT Tool on the Internet, which contains a list of menus that can host you abroad, and then ask for the appropriate profile for the product you want to implement. However, in her case she could not find a matching match with her product, so she decided to do all she could do and make a list of all travel agencies in Milan and Turin. After collecting data, says Krkotić, she started writing letters, contacting all the agencies and presenting her program.Dijana’s program was Montenegro as a tourist destination, which eventually ended up with the agency “Easy Nite”, who wanted Montenegro in their destinations. The most important thing, says Krkotić, is that negotiations are a win-win combination, that both parties get what they need. She spent two months in Italy, after which Pjerluigi came to Montenegro, exactly the owner of the Easy Nite agency. At the end of the presentation, Krkotić concluded that the program really was of great benefit and that the program was exactly what it needed, because it was made possible through the program to bring foreign citizens to Montenegro.

After Krkotić, the owner of the Easy Nite agency, Pjerluji Pertoti, briefly shared his experience, who talked about how he met Diane, what is the situation on the Italian market and plans to cooperate with Montenegro and other Balkan countries. The experience is really positive for him and he hopes for future cooperation with Diane and her agency.

After Pertotty, Skype included, short-term, Katerina Nejdlova, Erasmus Program Manager for Young Entrepreneurs, a member of the European Commission, who talked about the background of the program and about the achievements of the program.

At the very end of the info session, Ana Bulatovic, who spoke about the terms of the application and the conditions for joining the program, also had a word.

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